Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy of C.E.T. Central European Translations GmbH (“CET Translations”). CET Translations wants to underline its commitment to privacy with this privacy policy. The following describes the procedures for collecting and disseminating information for and other websites owned by CET Translations.

Please contact CET Translations if you have questions about this policy. You can reach CET Translations by mail at the following address:

CET Central European Translations GmbH
Magnusstraße 18a
D-50672 Cologne

You can reach CET Translations by e-mail at

By phone you can reach CET Translations at + 49-221-4925381

Dispute resolution and privacy seals

Please send an e-mail to

Data collection

The P3P guidelines specify the data that is collected in groups (also known as “explanations”). These guidelines include three groups of data. The privacy practices of each group are explained individually.

Group “Basic Information”

In general, you can visit the CET Translations website without providing any personal information. Occasionally, however, CET Translations may ask you to provide personal information. Personal information is information that identifies you, such as your name, telephone number, home address and e-mail address. CET Translations may also request personal information in connection with a possible registration as a freelance translator.

CET Translations is a company with headquarters in Germany and sister companies in Hungary and Romania. It is possible that personal information about you may be transferred to other locations within CET Translations outside of the country in which you reside and that the laws and regulations governing privacy and data security apply in these countries. We are committed to the protection of personal information and take reasonable steps to protect it. However, while we use physical and administrative procedures to protect personal information, we can not guarantee that the data is completely secure from anyone attempting to circumvent security measures or intercept transmissions over the Internet.

CET Translations collects and uses your information to provide you with a better service, to give you easy access to our products and services, and to make the CET Translations website more relevant to you. The contact information collected by CET Translations is used in part to provide you with information about CET Translations and our partners, as well as promotional materials. They are also used to contact you, if necessary. The information collected through cookies is used to evaluate and improve the site and diagnose server issues. CET Translations will only use your personal information without prior notice (including use of this disclosure) if we believe that such use is required by law or regulation or necessary to protect the proprietary rights of CET Translations, which to protect public safety or the safety of users of the Website, or if you have previously given permission to CET Translations to do so (see below).

CET Translations can capture the following data:

URL of the requested resource
Full IP address
HTTP request method
Data bytes of the answer
Status code of the answer
Information about the user agent
Last URL requested by the user

These data are used for the following purposes:

Completion and support of the current process
Website and system administration

This data is used by CET Translations and our representatives.

Group “Cookies”

CET Translations collects the following data:

HTTP cookies

These data are used for the following purposes:

Completion and support of the current process
Website and system administration

This data is used by CET Translations and our representatives.

For the collection of this data, the following statement is made:

CET Translations sets a cookie when you visit the website. So, if you sign up or request contact, CET Translations can track the URL of the website that redirected you to us. If you do not register and make any inquiries, this information will never be associated with personal information. No further data will be collected by the cookie. Registering for content access in the CET Translations Knowledge Center sets a second cookie that allows you to quickly log in the next time you want to download whitepapers or presentations. Click here to learn more about our cookie privacy policy.
Group “Registration”
CET Translations collects the following data:
• Online Contact
After approval by the user, CET Translations may also collect the following data:
• Job title of the user
• Employer of the user
• First given name
• Family name
• Business Address
• Phone
These data are used for the following purposes:
• Conclusion and support of the current process
• Website and system administration
• Telemarketing
This data is used by CET Translations and our representatives. In addition, the following facilities / persons have access to this information:
• Others who apply similar procedures. The user has the possibility to contradict this form of data transfer.
For the collection of this data, the following statement is made:
This information is collected when you register or download white papers and presentations, or when you request to contact CET Translations. A CET Translations sales or marketing representative can then contact you using the information you provide. In addition, CET Translations reserves the right to disclose lists of marketing partners or affiliates with similar privacy policies.
Opt-out policy
If at any time you do not wish to receive any further information from CET Translations or do not wish your information to be disclosed to third parties, please send a request to CET Translations with your request. Send your request to
Cookies are a technology that allows you to provide customized information from a website. A cookie is a piece of data sent from a website to your browser, which can then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. That way, you can decide for yourself if you want to accept the cookie.
Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:
• Administration of the website
• Completion of the current user process
Click here to learn more about our cookie privacy policy.
Data protection
CET Translations is currently working with several online partners to help us improve the Internet business and communications of our company. CET Translations uses the services of a marketing company to evaluate the success of our advertising and the use of our website by users. To do this, CET Translations uses web beacons and cookies provided by the marketing company on this website. The type of information CET Translations collects includes how users access the site, the pages they visit, their activities, and where they leave the site. This information completes the data from CET Translations and helps to gain insight into which websites are most attractive to users and which services are most interesting to users. Although the information is logged by the Marketing Company on behalf of CET Translations, CET Translations determines how this information may be used. If you do not wish to assist CET Translations with improving our website, products, and offers, you may object to the use of your data through this Web site analytics tool. Send an email to privacy @ CET
You must not violate or attempt to violate the security of the CET Translations network. All violations can result in criminal and civil consequences for you. CET Translations investigates all possible violations and works with law enforcement agencies. Examples of network security breaches of CET Translations include:
• Access to data for which you are not authorized
• Login to a server or account for which you have no access rights
• Attempt to explore or test the vulnerability of a system or network
• Attempt to circumvent the security and / or authentication measures without proper authority
• Attempting to disrupt user, host or network services, particularly through overloading, flooding

(“Flooding”), “Mailbombing” or “Crashing” • Attempting to gain access to services for which you are not authorized


Illegal use

The network of CET Translations may only be used for legally permissible purposes. For example, you may not use the CET Translations network to create, transmit, distribute or store content that is

  • infringements of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights of third parties
  • privacy, publicity or violate other privacy rights of others;
  • compromise the privacy of communications;
  • contain obscene or pornographic content;
  • threaten threateningly insulting or hateful behavior;
  • violate export control laws or regulations;
  • encourage conduct that constitutes a criminal offense or a civil offense
  • cause technical disruptions in the CET Translations network, in particular the introduction of viruses, worms or other malware
  • against reasonable provisions of CET Translations or other service providers with respect to the CET Trans
  • assist or allow third parties to perform the activities described above
  • meet the requirements of misleading online marketing.

If you become aware of any such activity, you must immediately notify CET Translations and all other appropriate organizations Take action to bring an end to these activities.

Unsolicited Messages (“spam”)

Repeated sending of the same or similar unsolicited e-mail messages, commercial mass advertising, or informal announcements to one or more groups (also known as “spam”) forbidden. Spam is not only annoying to Internet users, it also has a significant impact on the efficiency and cost of the CET Translations network. Such unsolicited messages may increase costs by burdening the CET Translations network, disrupting access to the website, and possibly causing downtime of important Internet applications. Usenet users and e-mail users alike are prohibited from: • E-mail messages to send or publish, the number of which is disproportionate and / or for the purpose of harassing others; • continue to send e-mails to recipients who have indicated that they do not wish to receive such messages; • e-mails with fake e-mails • intentionally omit, delete, falsify, or misrepresent transmission information including headers and senders • use other means to disguise their identity or contact information.


CET Translations has no control over the contents of the information, which are routed through the CET Translations network and takes over f r this content no responsibility. This includes content provided on third-party websites linked to the CET Translations network. All website links are provided solely as internet navigation tools for informational purposes, and not as a sign of agreement by CET Translations with the contents of those websites. CET Translations does not guarantee the content on linked websites and assumes no responsibility for updating the content. Use of the information provided through the CET Translations network is at your own risk. CET Translations does not review messages and messages and is not responsible for reviewing or monitoring the content you use.

Consequences of unacceptable use

CET Translations reserves The right to suspend or terminate access to the CET Translations Network when the Company becomes aware of a violation of this Policy. Direct or attempted violations of this Policy and actual or attempted third party infringements on your behalf will be deemed to be a breach of this Policy this policy is evaluated by you. In addition, it is a violation of this policy to use any third party services for the purpose of facilitating any of the above activities, if such use of the services of another provider can be reasonably assumed to govern the CET network Translations impaired.