Website Localization

CET provides comprehensive website localization services for companies who want to enable their website to communicate globally. If you want to derive the maximum benefit from your website as a global business facilitator, CET localization teams will help you bridge the communication and cultural gaps between your target markets.

How will CET localize your website?

CET will closely collaborate with your web development teams to localize your website in however many languages you need. Our localization services will make your website suitable for the market that you target. This goal is achieved by employing in-country localization experts and translators who are very well aware of the characteristics of the market you target, as they are inhabitants of the respective country and native speakers of the target language.

In order to help you in your efforts to culturally adapt your website, our website localization teams can work together with your web development team to produce as many language versions of your website as you want in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Web localization services include:

  • localization project assessment
  • localization of the entire website content, including user interface graphics, documentation and multimedia components
  • thorough and customizable quality control
  • use of Translation Memory technologies for consistency and time saving from one project to a similar one
  • online quality assurance and web testing as required
  • client review

Who will work on your project?

Our website localization teams are professionals skilled in web development and localization. Based on your languages, subject matter and localization requirements, a localization team is selected to handle your project.

CET website localization teams have acquired knowledge and experience in localization assessments, in various mark-up, scripting and programming languages, in creating and localizing web graphics. Moreover, our localization experts are well acquainted with a wide range of web content management systems and with website QA and testing.
Our experience will help you to develop website versions that account for cultural characteristics, expectations, mental models and preferences of target user groups.

How much will your project cost?

After thoroughly assessing the technical specifications and time requirements of your localization project, our localization team will establish the project schedule and costs involved.

Website localization costs and schedules are based on:

  • localization requirements
  • source and target languages
  • number of words
  • subject matter
  • desktop publishing and graphics requirements for other linked documents
  • mark-up, scripting and programming languages, databases used
  • design, development and publishing platforms
  • Content Management System used
  • Quality Assurance
  • client review